The General Statistics…

So here are some general stats that you all can drool over…

The rabbit I purchased happened to be the “deluxe” version (it’s not like me to brag, but it is the LS edition). The deluxe version also happened to come with the “easy access” front seat belts (it has a shoulder belt, but no lap belt).

When running strictly on diesel, I get about 48 MPG.

I can travel roughly 1300 miles between diesel fill-ups.

When not taking grease into account, I get the average equivalent of 146 MPG on diesel.

I have a separate fuel system for running grease. My coolant system runs through the tank and warms the grease as the engine gets hotter. Once the grease hits a specific temperature (roughly 140 degrees) I flip a switch and start burnin’ the midnight oil.

I have to purge my engine of the grease before I can shut the engine off. Vegetable oil thickens as it cools and clogs the fuel injection pump as well as the injectors.

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