The Rundown

So I’ve decided to start chronicling my dive into the world of alternative fuels. I’m starting this blog a bit late as I’m almost neck deep in this project. However, I’ll bring you all up to speed…

Last July, I purchased a 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit (Tan, 4-door, 1.6L Diesel engine) in order to convert it to run on vegetable oil. Paying $4.35/gallon of fuel when you drive 1400 miles a month to and from work helped justify the project. Over Thanksgiving break, a friend and I installed the kit and that next Monday, I was rolling on grease (the slang term for vegetable oil).

I purchased the kit from and it is designed to run straight vegetable oil (known as SVO). I’ve been running on grease for over 7 months now. I’ve had my share of issues (I will chronicle them in separate posts) but it’s been fun every step of the way (and man do I have some stories).

More to come in the following days.

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