Ooh I hate that rabbit…

Over the last two weeks, I am slowly accumulating parts to change my injectors and glow plugs. Autozone didn’t have all the injectors in their warehouse, so I’ve basically bought one injector every other day for the last week or so. Tomorrow, I should finally have all my parts to perform the maintenance on Saturday.

On Tuesday I took out a glow plug to discover that it was basically melted (you know, one of the glow plugs I just installed a couple of weeks ago). Now, I have to look at replacing the glow plug relay (another $50) so that I don’t fry all of these glow plugs. I’m not sure why they would melt like that… but the hunch is the relay is bad.

So if all of my glow plugs are fried, that explains why I can’t start my car. I don’t want to install $60 worth of glow plugs to have all of these fry in the next couple of days (especially when to change the injectors I have to take off the fuel injection pump.

I’ll post the results after Saturday.

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