Just another Monday night

Monday evening of this week (December 20th) we were invited to celebrate a friend’s birthday. He was also planning on proposing to his girlfriend while ice skating later in the evening. Liz and I were planning on taking pictures of the proposal since she couldn’t go skating (being pregnant and all). When we got to the ice rink, we saw a friend who had already arrived and started skating. Tim was giving me a hard time about not skating (I haven’t skated since I was about 10). He upped the ante by offering to pay for me; I told him if he paid I’d skate. It turned out to be a blast. It took a good 20 minutes before I figured out how to actually move without falling. Liz took video and I posted it on Twitter and Facebook (I mentioned that it looked like I was a giraffe that had just been born).

The proposal went as Michael had planned and she Danielle said yes. We continued to skate for another half hour or so then went to Starbucks to warm up. The snow continued pretty heavily throughout the evening which made getting home interesting but fun.

Liz and I had a blast. We got to share a special evening with good friends, she got to see her husband act like a buffoon, and I got to see my beautiful wife bundled up and covered with snow J

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