Still Truckin’

It’s been one year and 20,153 miles since I (with a ton of help) swapped the engine in the rabbit. I can’t believe it’s been a year already (time flies when you’re having fun I guess). Bugs is running better than ever and I haven’t needed to plug it in once this winter. Even when it gets down to the single digits, she starts right up without a fuss.

I’ve stopped running on used motor oil as it was clogging up my injectors. It got me through a lean time (when veggie oil was scarce) but at the moment I have a very steady supply and I’ve developed a bit of a surplus. Maybe if I get a truck it would be worthwhile to figure out how to get the motor oil clean enough to burn without issue but for right now it’s just not worth it.

Bugs hasn’t needed any repairs in several months and as fuel prices continue to slowly climb it becomes very economical for me (still getting around 1100 miles on 10 gallons of diesel). The next big expenditure will be brakes. It shouldn’t be a big deal but I’m sure I’ll have a good story or two to tell.

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