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This is for our parents

March 23, 2011

I’m a little behind on posting these pictures but I made a promise, so here it is.

We had an ultrasound a week ago Monday and finally got to see Charlotte in 4d (it was actually only 3d, but whatever…).

I don’t THINK it’s broken

March 22, 2011

I did something yesterday that I haven’t done in years. I fell off my bike and injured myself.

For the last 3 years, I have taken my dogs (yes, all 3 at the same time) on bike rides. They do very well at running alongside the bike and rarely cause me to slow down or stop. They were NOT the reason I crashed.

Our driveway has a dip at the end (as do most driveways) where it meets the street. I had Sundae and Coco on the right side of the bike when I started rolling towards the end of the driveway. I wasn’t thinking and was only holding the handlebars with my left hand when I came to the end of said driveway. The front wheel swerved severely to the right, then the left, then the right again and decided to stay there; throwing me over the handlebars. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to try to protect my face. I was able to get my left hand in front of me to help break my fall. The bottom of my left hand met the ground first. I remember my face hitting my hand as my chest and the rest of my body made contact with the ground. I was able to keep holding on to the dogs’ leashes and they cooperated quickly by coming back to check on me. I stood up immediately and tried to get back on the bike, quickly trying to control my breath as the wind had been knocked out of me. I was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and didn’t have any road rash.

Nobody saw me (which seemed oddly important to me at the time) and the dogs and I finished our ride with little incident. As the adrenalin wore off, I was in quite a bit of discomfort due to my hand. I went through the rest of the day telling myself that if it still hurt this bad on Monday, I’d go to the doctor. Today, my hand and wrist still hurt but nearly as bad as yesterday. Everything moves much easier and as long as I keep ibuprofen in my system it doesn’t hurt all that bad.

I’m pretty sure I bruised some bones at the very least, at the worst I have some small fractures. If I continue to see progress throughout the week I see no need to get it checked out. If it starts to swell (there has been no swelling up to this point) or hurt severely, I’ll go to the doctor.

As you were.


Just another Wednesday at the Willis’s

March 9, 2011

Some of you might be aware that we’ve experienced a few complications throughout Liz’s pregnancy. None of them have been very serious and we praise the Lord for that.

Last Tuesday, while I was at work, I received a frantic phone call from Liz. She was telling me that she was having severe pains that the internet described as contractions. “That’s insane” I was thinking… “isn’t it?” I told her to call the Dr. and see what they suggested. They had her come into the office where they gave her some sort of test that confirmed that she was indeed experiencing labor contractions. They sent her home and told her to stay off of her feet and to call if the contractions continued the next day. I left work early that day and by the time I got home she was having 2-3 minute contractions every 15-20 minutes. We went to bed around 11 that night and the contractions continued through the night. The last contraction that woke her up did so at around 3 AM on Wednesday morning.

My mom stayed with her on Wednesday to help with the dogs and things around the house as she rested. The contractions had abated and by Saturday she decided it was time to get out of the house. We went to Hobby Lobby to purchase some fabric. We were there for about 20 minutes, got in line to pay for our purchase and the contractions started again. I had her sit on a bench until I had paid for the fabric then went home. If she stayed off of her feet she was fine. If she stood up for too long they would start back up.

We are fortunate that her OB/GYN attends church with us. He had heard about her contractions and sought her out Sunday morning. He told her to rest and that she wasn’t allowed to do anything too strenuous. She has heeded the doctor’s advice and has stayed off of her feet for the week. She is slowly working up her activity levels in hopes she won’t have to be on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy.

All in all, we are very fortunate that the contractions went away and all parties are healthy. Our hope is that Charlotte will continue to cook a little longer so we can get the nursery completed and so I can wrap up some big projects at work. God has continued to pour his grace over us and we know that Charlotte will show up right on schedule; even if she does take the A train.