My wife and 3 month old daughter are traveling with a friend (and their 6 month old son) to Florida to visit another friend (and her 7 month old twins). I was told that the trip down went great and that all of the kids took the time change in stride (they’re staying in Alabama which is on CDT). So far they’ve gone to the pool quite  a bit, eaten at the Oyster House and went shopping at an outlet mall.

So how have I survived without my wife for 4 days so far? First off, I miss her and Charlotte very much. However, before Liz left she baked me a cake, a cheesecake and a menu for the entire week. She also purchased all of the groceries necessary to support said menu.

I’ve also discovered that I am definitely not cut out for a bachelor’s life. I’ve been trying to hang out with friends and family to keep me company. Thursday I watched Scott Pilgrim with @madmup, Friday I visited my parents and Saturday I played Starcraft II with my dad all day. Sure I’ve got three dogs and a cat to keep me company but the summer heat pretty much zaps all of their energy. It’s been awfully quiet around here… too quiet. I find myself staring at the TV for hours on end. I’m also catching up on my Netflix queue of movies Liz would have little interest in (mostly action or quirky comedies). I’ve also decided that I will watch the original Star Wars trilogy at some point in the next three days (probably starting tomorrow after work).

I’ve always realized how lucky I am to have such an awesome wife but the point has been driven home this week. I’ve been trying to keep up with the dishes and laundry and realize how much I hate those jobs but my wife does them day after day and rarely makes a peep.

All in all I’m surviving. But I do miss my beautiful wife and daughter.

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2 Comments on “#aweekwithoutmywife”


    Awww, that’s such a cute picture, too!

  2. Joe Willis Says:

    All of the pictures turned out great, that was just one of my favorites

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