Meet Charlie. He needs a new home.

Charlie is 5-6 year old neutered male Tonkinese cat. He was found as a stray by my father-in-law about 5 years ago and we immediately took him in. He was raised with 3  dogs and knows how to hold his own. He enjoys cuddling with us when we watch TV and will sometimes sleep at my feet at the bottom of the bed. He is totally de-clawed. He also enjoys smelling your breath.

Why Charlie needs a new home:

Meet Charlotte. She is 7 months old and enjoys teething toys and bouncy seats. She is also a light sleeper. A very light sleeper. Her mother and I are now also, very light sleepers. Since Charlie is a cat, he is nocturnal by nature. When he gets exercise during the day he usually sleeps pretty well. When he doesn’t, he (like all cats) likes to prowl around the house scratching on stuff and announcing his presence with ‘meows’ and chirps. Not a good thing for a house full of light sleepers.

We hate to come to this conclusion but our life has changed and Charlie is becoming too much for us to handle. He is a a great cat (and I’m not a cat person) and would make someone a very loving companion. He doesn’t take much effort to take care of (have you ever had a cat? clean litter, food, and water) and would come with everything he needs to survive. We aren’t asking for any compensation unless of course you’re wanting to make a fur coat out of him (then it’s $50 and a picture of the coat). If you have any questions, please contact me

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