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Favorited tweet from @GLITSIN

June 8, 2012

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What the what?

June 2, 2012

The past 36 hours have been interesting to say the least. After being sick for 2 weeks, Charlotte finally started to feel better earlier this week, then Thursday happened. She got sick again but it wasn’t a big deal. She hardly slept that night and we ended up putting her in bed with us around 5 AM Friday morning. Liz took her to the doctor and they were a little concerned about her heavy breathing so they admitted her to the hospital.

After a full day and a night in the hospital, she’s doing very well but her oxygen levels fall a little too low when she sleeps. They will keep her at the hospital and on oxygen until those levels come back up. We’re still not exactly sure what she has but the doctor is pretty sure it’s some sort of respiratory virus. It’s not RSV and probably not pneumonia. They’re not ruling out asthma but it’s not suspected.

It’s not the way we planned on spending this weekend but we’re chugging along. Charlotte has been very well behaved throughout the ordeal. It’s tough for her to fall asleep with all the hoses and tubes but she’s been her usually cheery self for the most part. Liz is doing amazing despite her little girl being in the hospital and the dogs are also doing well, thanks in no small part to our friend Beth who’s been letting them out and feeding them.

The doctor was hopeful that her levels will rise and that we’ll be able to go home tomorrow.