About Me

I was born and raised on the West side of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My mom and dad weren’t very present in my life so I spent most of my youth on the playground. I would hang out on the basketball court with my friends, where you could find us playing basketball after school quite often. One day, there were a couple of bullies that were up to no good in my neighborhood. I stood up for one of my friends (one might say I got in a fight) and my mom was fearful for my life. We talked it over for quite a while, but ultimately she felt I would be safer at my aunt and uncle’s house in Bel Aire California. After my flight I had to catch a cab (which was a very interesting cab, by the way) to get to their house. We pulled up around 7 or 8 that evening and I waved goodbye to the cabbie (who was nice, but smelled of cabbage). The house was amazingly huge, and I instantly knew that I would be better off here, then back home in Philadelphia. In my mind, I was the king of this castle. I made my way to the door, where I would sit on my throne and reign as the “Prince of Bel Aire.”


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